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Scuola di Cucina Toscana e Italiana - Tuscan & Italian Cookery School

Our cookery courses supply the students with the techniques of traditional Italian cuisine, and particularly of Tuscan and Florentine one.


Under our chefs’ expert guidance the students learn the secrets to make up several dishes, following every stage step by step. Starting from the single ingredients, they learn to blend them into a harmonious whole. The resulting dish stimulates the senses one by one: sight (the way in which the food is presented), smell (its scents), touch (cold-hot, crisp-tender contrast) and finally taste (flavours’ harmony and balance).


Particular attention is paid both to cooking times and temperatures, and to traditions and historical origins of each recipe.

The way in which the food is presented is very important too. In fact an accurate presentation favours the success of a dish, as it appetize for a better tasting.


At the end of each lesson, students and teachers discuss and analyse the dishes and their organoleptic characteristics.

Magici Sapori - Tuscan & Italian Cookery School

Via Pergolesi, 10 - 50144 Firenze - Italy

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The must for the tourist in Florence: to visit Uffizi, Accademia, Duomo... and to have a class at Magici Sapori cooking school !!!
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Tuscan & Italian Cookery School “Magici Sapori” Firenze

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